Rail/Train Ambulance Services

Limra Train ambulance service in india

If you are looking for a train ambulance in India, then you have just found the right service provider. Rail/ Train Ambulance Services Our service is designed to transport patients to a hospital, where an incident or accident can occur at a lower cost than an air ambulance.

Our vision of train ambulance service in India

Systematic: Everything from booking to medical escorts, doctors, food, and hygienic issues are streamlined so that patients can be safely delivered. We have a large fleet equipped with comprehensive medical equipment and advanced technical medical solutions that provide complete care. Rail/ Train Ambulance Services This makes us effective train ambulance services in India that you can trust.

Quick Response: We understand the fact that delaying response in the event of life and death is highly risky. Therefore, we have a quick response team that is ready to act immediately as soon as we receive the information. We are active 24 x 7 to answer calls round the clock.

Trained Staff: We as a war-ridden and reputed railway ambulance in India ensure that we are highly trained doctors, medical escorts, and others to make the entire transportation process effective while keeping patients medically safe and on the way.

Quick Contact

Perfect Service: We understand the fact that everything should be right when it comes to urgent matters. Therefore, we have deployed smart digital booking systems and dispatchers to make things a bit faster and faster.

We all use life-saving devices and equipment and use equipment such as oxygen, ventilators, and other support systems to care for patients during an infection. Rail/ Train Ambulance Services We also have a list of medicines to keep patients medically safe and secure.

    Benefits of our train ambulance service

    Patients can travel in a stress-free environment. All patients who are transported by rail are rescued by trained medical professionals.

    It is less expensive than air ambulance service and long-distance ground transportation. Rail/ Train Ambulance Services Since we are dependent on Indian Railways schedule and seat availability, we need 24-48 hours for activation for AC Rail Ambulance.

    If you are looking for construction-related maintenance service through rail, then you should consider us and we would love to give you our service.