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Limra Ambulance Service is fast delivering air, rail, and road ambulance service, which has helped save lives and evacuate patients from serious emergencies. We are effectively working in and out of India and have provided easy access to their needs. “Handle with care” is the motto that inspires us to provide all the necessary equipment, including a full-size AC van in general, along with highly professional medical experts. The cordial nature of the doctors and paramedical employees helps to travel from one place to another smoothly. The medical team is well-prepared to handle emergencies.

At the point of emergency, you can rely on Limra Ambulance Services. We are just a call away from you. Call us and take advantage of our fast reactive help while handling your loved ones.

Air Ambulance Service

When you feel that you will need access to global healthcare facilities located anywhere around the world, you will need an air ambulance service, and Limra Ambulance should be your first choice.

Train Ambulance Service

In train ambulance, patients are transferred in a fully I.C.U environment. Train ambulance is much cheaper in comparison to Air Ambulance. Our service is designed to transport patients to a hospital, where an incident or accident can occur at a lower cost than an air ambulance.

Road Ambulance Service

Our road ambulance services are equipped with international quality equipment to meet international operation and treatment standards. When medical ground transportation is needed, Limra Ambulance has contact with air ambulance companies, the general public, travel insurance companies, ancillary medical companies, and many others.

Standby Medical Assistance

Standby Medical Assistance offers everyone the option of receiving immediate medical care at any time. Our specialists work in close relationships with patients that maximize the potential for better results. We can also customize your medical care and treatment program to suit your needs.

Chopper Ambulance

Chopper ambulance is an advanced form of pre-hospital emergency care service. It offers several benefits, including the ability to quickly reach remote-controlled areas. A highly trained team of critical care and emergency medical services, those doctors will be sent to helicopters for immediate medical care and transfer of critically ill patients.

Human Organ Transfer

It is a well-known fact that once you or your loved ones have placed yourself or your loved ones on the organ recipient list, it can take years to find a suitable donor. If you are lucky enough to find one, it is highly unlikely that the donor will come from the same city. Limra Air Ambulance is one of the best organ transport ambulances in India. We have an experienced organ transport team.


For patients suffering reversible pulmonary or cardiac failure or who require a bridge to transplantation, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) may be a soul technique. For patients with refractory, severe respiratory and/or circulatory failure, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) may be a life-saving therapy. Because ECMO is only available at specialized centers, patients may need to be relocated for treatment. Limra Ambulance Service provided the most safe and easy ECMO Transfer Worldwide.


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Who Are We?

Every day at LIMRA AMBULANCE, we come across a medical expert team that actually moves us, most of them with the need for immediate medical care. There is only one right way to deliver it with an expert medical team- we are always ready, equipped, and committed.

LIMRA AMBULANCE appreciates our efforts to provide the best in urgent medical care to those who need it most. We are committed to caring, maximizing services, and aspiring to be the best in terms of reaching the maximum ambulance service seekers.

It is these four pillars that keep us one step ahead of the rest. While our services are poised to provide the best in Emergency Medical Response, we provide the best technical, medical, and motivational support needed by the people.

We are also expanding our reach internationally, branding our commitment worldwide. In India, our footsteps are growing, and our presence believes that it is indeed bringing positive changes in the public health of the country. We have a presence both domestically and internationally.

Limra Air Ambulance is a rescue vehicle, an exceptionally planned Charted or an airplane, outfitted with specific clinical gear including prescriptions, ventilators, ECGs and checking units, CPR hardware, and cots. These airplanes carriers and transports harmed individuals or normal patients for clinical treatment to the emergency clinics. Air ambulances are reserved when the patient is found either in distant or landscape areas where best-in-class clinical treatment isn't accessible. Air rescue vehicles in Limra Ambulance Service are typically set up with specialists, exceptionally prepared paramedics people, and people on the call. Further, when an air rescue vehicle is effectively working with a patient, Air Traffic Control (ATC) awards extraordinary treatment to them. Some air rescue vehicles can be non-restoratively prepared as well, and the chaperon staff basically ships patients from guide A toward point B.
In India, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the approving body with regards to air rescue vehicle administration guidelines and gives permission as well as accreditation to the air emergency vehicle specialist organizations. Significant clinics have been tying up with carrier organizations and the Government to make better and powerful air rescue vehicle administrations in India.
In case if you are searching for an emergency train vehicle in your area, you have arrived in the right place as Limra Ambulance Service is created to bring patients to the medical clinics following a marvel or a mishap at a lesser expense than an air rescue vehicle.
We have greater trains outfitted with thorough clinical gadgets and progressed mechanical medical answers to offer total consideration. This makes us viable train emergency vehicle administrations in India that you can trust.
We understand the way that it is exceptionally hazardous to postpone the response in daily existence and passing circumstances. Accordingly, we have a speedy reaction group that is prepared to act quickly when we get the data. We are dynamic non-stop 24 X 7 services available.
We, as the rusted and presumed railroad emergency vehicle in India, ensure that we offer profoundly prepared specialists, medical escorts, and different staffs to smooth out the entire transportation measure while keeping the patients therapeutically protected and giving comfort along the way.
We comprehend the way that everything must be wonderful with regards to critical cases. Subsequently, we have conveyed an advanced booking framework and dispatcher to make things somewhat quicker and faster. We likewise utilize all the existence saving and backing devices and gadgets like oxygen, ventilator, and other emotionally supportive networks to deal with the patients during the shifting; we additionally have a stock with meds to keep our patients medicinally free from any danger.
Ground ambulance service administration comprises of air-conditioned size vans just as full-size vans with all vital life support, medical equipment, and medicine. It incorporates cardiovascular screens, pulse oximeter, multi boundary screens, eliminators, ventilators, pulls machines, nebulizers, pacemakers, and biped, oxygen, and emergency drugs. Our cooled emergency vehicle mirrors the climate of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Each rescue vehicle will comprise of one expert specialist like Cardiologist, Neurologist and Anaesthesiologist, Orthopaedic, Critical Care advisors, and so on and an accomplished medical caretaker or paramedics. Our ground emergency ambulance administration is extremely efficient and came as an aid to those patients who can't fly because of medical condition issues or can't manage the cost of air emergency vehicle administration. Contingent upon the states of the patients, 2-3 individuals from the family are permitted to go with the patients. Our capable group consistently informs the relatives about the condition of the patients. This method of transport is, for the most part, favored when the distance between the patient's area and wanted the medical clinic to be migrated isn't more than 300-500 km. Our primary objective of ground rescue ambulance administration is to give our client 100% straightforward, smooth, agreeable, and safe excursion.

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